Adam Beschloss

Informal Adam headshot

Mr. Beschloss has 20+ years’ experience in transformational technology- and process-driven professional services:

  • Directing Marketing and Sales for a leading offshore Alternative Legal Service Provider
  • Leading a Big 4 eDiscovery & Forensics Advisory Team
  • Practice Leader and Operations Manager for a leading global
    technology organization
  • Director of Product Development for an electronic data processing and analytics firm

Adam's experience delivering services to leading multinational corporations and law firms informs his content strategy. His writing is always client-centric and focused on communicating what clients care about:

  • value
  • performance
  • cost
  • risk mitigation, and
  • business impact

Content  Creation & Design

Incorporating market analysis, Mr. Beschloss has evangelized well-known brands and new market entrants. He has worked in highly regulated environments involving critical processes and technology including software, SaaS, IaaS, and managed services.

Adam has authored hundreds of RFPs and presentations. Dozens of thought-leadership articles, white papers, as well as case studies, brochures, award submissions, bios, PRs and advertisements. He has also developed and authored internal and external training materials, telemarketing scripts, and employee (B2E) communications.