Adam M Beschloss

legal • forensic technology • LPO
eDiscovery • risk & compliance
managed services • BPO • outsourcing
pricing strategy • business case development
document workflow • contract management
Lean Six Sigma • product development
go-to-market strategy • sales and sales training




Mr. Beschloss has more than 20 years’ experience in the professional and legal services industry including

  • Directing Marketing and Sales for a leading Legal Process Outsourcing ("LPO") firm
  • Leading an eDiscovery, Forensics and Data Analytics team for a Big 4 Advisory, and
  • Practice Leader for one of the world's leading technology, BPO, and managed services corporations

Adam's experience going to market and delivering services to leading corporations across North America, Europe and AsPac informs his writing and content marketing strategy. His writing is always client-centric, and focused on messaging that communicates what clients care about:

  • value
  • performance
  • cost
  • risk mitigation, and
  • business impact

Adam incorporates voice-of-customer (“VOC”), market analysis, and the demands of varied stakeholders and influencers to develop compelling messaging that evangelizes the values and benefits on offer and drives adoption.  This is true whether the topic is legal operations, eDiscovery, contract management, business practices, risk and compliance, billing practices, and other areas that impact the business of law and the delivery of legal services.

Content  Creation & Design

Mr. Beschloss has authored, designed, and delivered hundreds of RFPs and presentations, as well as many articles, white papers, case studies, internal and external training materials, telemarketing scripts, brochures, award submissions, bios, PRs, advertisements, and employee communications.