Shape the vocabulary that defines your firm's mission. Develop a content strategy applying client profiles and engagement models.  Establish the lexicon that decodes the unique value of your services.

A Content Logic consulting engagement focuses on strengthening three key pillars to an effective content marketing and thought leadership strategy:  1) mission statement,  2) client profiles and buyer personas, and  3) engagement models, so you deliver salient content to the right person, at the right time.

Consulting Engagements


"Mr. Beschloss is truly unique, is his vision for marketing, differentiation, and concept development. He created a truly unique set of marketing communications  with an ‘organic,' hands-on approach, and attention to detail."

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A strong mission statement is paramount.  It is the singular animating idea from which all communications flow.  Without a strong mission statement marketing content can be overly broad and muddled.

Similarly, to be on-point, content must also be relevant to the prospective client's position in the buying cycle.  Is s/he for example,
•  just beginning to sense a problem may exist?
•  currently seeking information?  Or,
•  budget set and ready to go?
What is valuable (and welcome) can markedly differ based on the client profile, the buyer or influencer persona, and their stage in decision/buying process.

Client profiles and buyer personas are a narrative construct that allows us to posit who our prospective clients and key decision makers/influencers are (their priorities and concerns), and enable resonant and effective writing.

Write what matters.™