Shape the grammar that defines your mission.  Establish the vocabulary that decodes the unique value of your services.


Content Logic consulting engagements start with modeling the connection between you and your market:

  1. mission statement
  2. client profiles
  3. buyer personas, and
  4. engagement models,

so you deliver salient content to the right person, at the right time.

Consulting Engagements

Mr. Beschloss is truly unique in his vision for marketing, differentiation, and concept development. He created a truly unique set of marketing communications  with an ‘organic,' hands-on approach, and attention to detail.

Founder & Creative
Brand Design Firm

To Whom, When, and Where Are You Speaking

A strong mission statement is paramount. It is the singular animating idea from which all content should derive. Without a strong mission statement marketing content can be overly broad and muddled.  It will lack relevance.

To be relevant and to have impact, the content must meet the buyer in their time and place.  Their position in the buying cycle.  White papers have impact at the top end of the funnel.  An article on evaluating price and cost is valuable lower in the funnel.  Neither have value if misplaced.  Where  is your content aimed?

  • The awareness stage?
  • Information seeking?
  • Budget set and ready to go?

Mission statements, personas, profiles are all necessary narrative constructs. They allow us to posit the priorities of our audience and speak to them with intimacy.  Get this wrong, and you're likely speaking to the wrong person at the wrong time.

This is Content Logic.

Write what matters.™