Craft text and design content into compelling layouts that draw the eye, are easy to navigate, and keep readers engaged.  Introduce design elements, hierarchies, and data visualizations that support and credentialize the text.

To be effective your documents should be visually appealing (typography) and help guide the reader ('topography' if you will).  Even if your intended audience knows you or your firm by reputation or association, you are still fighting for constrained time and attention.   A well designed document should allow your reader to quickly assess relevance and guide their initial scan to the most salient and compelling information. 

Content Architecture


"I was awed by Adam’s sense of manipulating legal texts – avoiding jargon, editing to the core, suggesting hierarchies, different text treatments, and visualizations.  We worked well together."

Brand Design Firm

A well crafted document should direct the reader to key points and places within the document.A deft use of elements such as headers, sub heads, callouts, quotes, bullet points and other textual design elements can work like sign posts directing the reader to the most salient and compelling points.

More than crafting text, Content Logic can design content to be both visually appealing and effective in guiding the reader.  Additionally, templates can be created to support consistency of messaging across the organization.