Delight prospects with your unique value proposition and establish competitive advantage.


Content Focused on Delighting Clients

Content must focus on he attributes of your services that delight clients. Not simply meet their requirements.  The "delighters" are the content we strive for.  Providers that delight command premiums.

This is true for professional services and product-centric marketing alike.  However, it is much more complex when communicating the delighters for professional services.  Too often professional services content focuses only on credentials. On specifications, features, and deliverables.  These are important in signifying your "right to play."  But overtime, they become undifferentiated. and lose competitive value.  They commoditize.

I have asked Mr. Beschloss to do a multitude of things: write marketing pieces, white papers, develop strategies ... create presentations and he has done them all well ... very well.

Legal Segment Sales Manager  
Global Technology Company 

Words Have More Than Meaning

Words have rhythm. They have tenor.  They have denotation and connotation.

Content development done well will evoke emotion and engage the intellect. The reader is not a passive participant in this. Their position in their decision process determines what is salient. What is valuable at that time.
Content development must reinforce your brand value specific to the buyer's journey and client profiles within:

  • branding
  • thought leadership
  • sales enablement
  • account management
  • product & service launch
  • employee engagement
  • account management

This is content logic.

Write what matters.™