Product & service launch pulls together the diverse insights of SMEs and stakeholders.

[ ] Organizations break down, despite individual brilliance and innovative products, because they are unable to pull their diverse functions and talents into a productive whole.” (Senge, 2006)

Successful product development and launch requires insight from across the organization.  This includes non-technical disciplines like sales and marketing who can help keep the product development and go-to-market strategy client centric. From ideation to monetization this feedback loop is essential.  The risk, as focus turns to solving technical and operational challenges, is losing sight of the customer.

Marketing from Ideation to Monetization

Product Launch TeamContent Logic can help align the diverse talents, insights and perspectives across your organization to create powerful and effective go-to-market messaging.  Of course, the best time to do this is during development so the product or service is realized, not only with the internal perspective, but firmly rooted in voice-of-customer (VOC) and market (VOM).

Effective go-to-market planning begins, well, at the beginning of product development.  It should not be handed off to marketing at launch time.  Content should not only understand the external voice.  It must also capture internal insights as they evolve during the development cycle.  Insights from SD, PD, IT, Finance, Legal, delivery, and others.

Translating these perspectives into compelling business value is the business of Content Logic.  Often, this means understanding the challenge better than the client themselves.  This is prerequisite to effective thought leadership, content development and sales enablement.  It is where the rubber meets the road in go-to-market execution.

When you go to market, you will be delivering something of value and your clients will know you've been listening.  It will be the difference between great ROI, and another hockey stick projection.

Capture what matters.  Go to market with what matters.  Write what matters.™

That's Content Logic.

Are You Ready To Launch?

All Systems Go?
    • Have you captured insights from across the organization?
    • Have you captured the values from platform capability to delivery models?
    • How about the anticipated client benefits in terms of process improvement, ROI, enhanced customer satisfaction, cost savings, performance improvements, and risk mitigation?
    • Is everyone in the supply chain from business development to delivery specialists on the same page evangelizing the value?
    • Are you prepared to assess the initial engagements, capture learnings, KPIs, ROI, and other data for case studies, training, internal and client-facing content?

If not, you’re not ready to launch.

Let Content Logic help you get ready.