Sales Enablement. Agile Content.

Sales Enablement is largely focused on technology to enable efficient access to the marketing corpus.  They are powerful tools for tracking use and other metrics to better define what content works, and what content doesn’t.  But this is only a start.

Marketing Content

BespokeMost marketing content aims higher in the “sales funnel:” the start of the “buyer’s journey.”  But as the prospective buyer (a “lead”) moves through the decision process and starts interacting with sales (a “prospect”), use of established marketing content falls off sharply.  This is where the “handoff” from marketing to sales occurs.  Marketing doesn’t deal in “prospects,” it deals in “leads.”

To be sure, off the shelf content helps initial interactions.  Long-lived content like thought leadership, case studies, and white papers are critical.  Easily finding the right (and up to date) brochure without hours of searching is important.  All too often the sales professional or consultant makes do with what is at hand as time is of the essence.  This  results in the  use of outdated or even inaccurate material.  This is suboptimal when looking to capture the attention of a prospect vetting different providers.

Agile Content Marketing

Do We have anything for...?

This is the recurring refrain of business development directors and other client-facing professionals needing to respond to a request, create a leave-behind for tomorrow's meeting, or refine a presentation.

All too often the answer is "I think so, did you check...,?" or simply "no."

To support sales and other client-facing professionals, marketing must be agile.  It must be able to deliver new – even client specific – content quickly.  The highest value of sales enablement is when marketing can move beyond handoffs and continue to support sales during the nurturing and closing stages of the buyer's journey.

In the best of all worlds, this would be as self-service as possible.  Where the rep can choose from discrete categories of information and tailor the collateral from something as simple as adding the client’s name to selecting from a library of individual slides.  To remake a presentation or tweak a sales sheet that speaks directly to the prospect.  Without fear of running afoul of best practices. (In other words, content management, not collateral management.)

This is content logic.

Write what matters.™