Content for Market-Leader Positioning

Content Logic develops and designs written content to demonstrate your authority, knowledge, and value.

Content that highlights your ability to solve complex client challenges through industry insight, specialized experience, and know-how.

Content that denotes why you earn client loyalty and command premium pricing.

Aligning marketing, sales, subject matter experts, and voice-of-customer, Content Logic will craft resonant messaging that proves your deep understanding of client challenges and requirements, and your ability to achieve exceptional results. Not empty boasting about being “the best.”

Lead. Frame the debate. Be expert. This is content Logic.

What Clients Say

Adam’s writing skills – specifically his ability to translate complex technical issues into clear language – was instrumental in our winning more than our expected share of competitive RFPs.
—C.P., Partner, Big 4

Adam was an absolute joy to work with - not only is he easy to work with and a great communicator, he is so skilled at his craft. He delivered a first draft that went through our legal department and subject matter experts with very few updates needed. I highly recommend him!"
—A.M., Marketing Director, Global Technology Company

Adam is an excellent teammate and business writer. He has been working with us on our marketing and RFP materials for over a year and has improved our readability and professionalism.  I highly recommend working with him on any professional services marketing project.
—R.F., COO, Kreller Group

Excellent experience and Adam definitely overdelivered. He communicated great and listened to my suggestions and the direction I wanted to go. He seemed surprisingly knowledgeable about my industry even though he had no previous experience. Was very accommodating of my schedule and most importantly, he delivered a good piece of content. Highly recommend
—CEO, Commercial Cleaning Company

Adam is an excellent resource to work with. He is thorough, diligent, and timely. I hired Adam to take my personal career bio and resume to the next level. Adam delivered on time, checked in with me regularly, and delivered the absolute best result. Thank you Adam!!!
—Chief Customer Officer, SaaS company

I have asked Mr. Beschloss to do a multitude of things: write marketing pieces, white papers, develop strategies...create presentations and he has done them all well...very well.
—C.F., LOB Sales Manager, Global Technology Company 

Mr. Beschloss is truly unique in his visioncfor marketing, differentiation, and concept development. He created a truly unique set of marketing communications with an ‘organic,' hands-on approach, and attention to detail.
—N.H., Founder & Creative
Communica Design

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