Writing that highlights your ability to solve client challenges through deep experience and know-how.

Adam Beschloss
Principal Consultant & Writer

Beschloss is an exceptional writer with the ability to distill and communicate complex technical and process-oriented issues to a variety of internal and external stakeholders cogently and persuasively. I can highly recommend Adam to you without reservation.
National Partner-in-Charge, Big 4

B2B Marketing and Thought Leadership

Content Development & Architecture

Content Logic develops and designs content to demonstrate your authority, knowledge, and value.  To showcase your ability to solve client challenges through specialized experience and know-how.  Your differentiators.  I write for an audience that is expert in their field and is not persuaded by marketing hyperbole.  The content is architected for those who do not have the time to wade through fluff but will  take the time to garner new insights.

Sales Enablement

My sales enablement experience is in longer, complex sales cycles and post-purchase interactions.  The kind involved when delivering professional services with extensive client interactions.  From the top-of-funnel to post-purchase engagement, the content is always is on-point.

Product Launch

The successful launch of a new services requires a significant amount of content from internal communication to sales enablement (including training documents) to advertisement, PR, marketing, brand positioning, and thought leadership.  With the launch of new services even the most well-established firm is in startup mode.

Content Logic works to align marketing, subject matter experts, sales, and voice-of-customer.  This is essential in successful professional services marketing, and ultimately, sustained client satisfaction.  Content Logic understands the difference between transactional selling and providing expert services with sustained client interactions subject to service level agreements (SLAs).

Professional Services Marketing v. Product Marketing

Professional Services Marketing

  1.  pull
  2.  establish “right to play”
  3.  customer vetting
  4.  thought leadership (recognized expert)
  5.  problem identification
  6.  solve complex multivariate challenges
  7.  assess, design, implement, improve
  8.  multiple stakeholders/decision makers
  9.  client-specific
  10.  account-based management
  11.  services delivered over time
  12.  improvements made over time can accrue to client
  13.  Constrained by regulatory and association rules and guidelines

Product Marketing

  1.  push
  2.  aim for broad brand awareness
  3.  everyone welcome
  4.  product-centric knowledge
  5.  problem presupposed
  6.  typically solve a singular need
  7.  build then sell (limited customization)
  8.  often a single decision maker
  9.  market- (not client) specific
  10.  geographic management
  11.  transactional
  12.  improvements require additional purchase transactions
  13.  marketing restrictions in limited cases (e.g., Tobacco and alcohol)

Content Development


Where Adam is truly unique, is his vision for marketing, differentiation, and concept development.
  • data privacy & security
  • alternative legal services (ALSPs)
  • software, SaaS, & IaaS
  • managed services
  • business development
  • sales training
  • DeFi, blockchain, NFTs
  • product descriptions
  • legal spend management
  • forensic technology
  • eDiscovery
  • risk & compliance
  • contract lifecycle management
  • Lean Six Sigma-based process and quality control
  • robotic process automation
  • workforce management

Content Architecture


  • brochures
  • articles (ghost writing)
  • white papers
  • long & short form blogs
  • web pages
  • advertisements
  • tag lines & log lines
  • banner & booth signage
  • PR
  • Bios and profiles
  • interviews
  • speeches
  • book content & editing
  • CLE/CPE credited presentations & webinars
  • sell sheets
  • scripts & talk books
  • product descriptions
  • FAQs
  • policy & procedure
  • feature/benefit/value
  • workflows
  • case studies
  • white papers
  • presentations
  • webinars
Document Architecture