Our Mission

The Content Logic mission is to help your firm build a textual and typographical marketing lexicon and craft the marketing content that articulates your unique value proposition.

Adam Beschloss
Principal Consultant & Writer

Beschloss is an exceptional writer...with the ability to distill and communicate complex technical and process oriented issues to a variety of internal and external stakeholders cogently and persuasively. I can highly recommend Adam to you without reservation.
National Partner-in-Charge, Big 4

Content Logic specializes in long form writing for legal, eDiscovery and other professional services that addresses complex client challenges with multiple stakeholders: particularly those leveraging technology and process improvement expertise.

The writing is designed to align marketing and sales, delivering content that is valuable and on-point throughout the "buyer' journey."  The content carefully and deliberately guides the reader (whether at the top of the "sales funnel" or actively engaged with your firm) in a way that clarifies, enlightens, and compels further engagement.

Importantly, the writing is geared toward a target audience that is intelligent, highly accomplished, and has no patience for salesy blather.  The writing is designed to engage and pull the target audience in, as opposed to a product market style push.

Professional & Legal Services Marketing

  1.  pull
  2.  establish “right to play”
  3.  customer vetting
  4.  thought leadership (recognized expert)
  5.  problem identification
  6.  solve complex multivariate challenges
  7.  assess, design, implement, improve
  8.  multiple stakeholders/decision makers
  9.  client-specific
  10.  account-based management
  11.  services delivered over time
  12.  improvements made over time can accrue to client
  13.  Constrained by regulatory and association rules and guidelines

Product Marketing

  1.  push
  2.  aim for broad brand awareness
  3.  everyone welcome
  4.  product-centric knowledge
  5.  problem presupposed
  6.  typically solve a singular need
  7.  build then sell (limited customization)
  8.  often a single decision maker
  9.  market- (not client) specific
  10.  territory management
  11.  transactional
  12.  improvements require additional purchase transactions
  13.  marketing restrictions in limited cases (e.g., Tobacco and alcohol)

Experience includes
• legal   • forensic technology   • eDiscovery   • compliance   • LPO  • BPO   • managed services   • outsourcing & offshoring • document workflow
• contract management  • 6 sigma & lean discipline   •  product development   • business case development
• pricing strategy
• go-to-market strategy   • sales and sales training  • t
echnology and platform implementation