Content Creation

Craft B2B and B2E content to cogently and persuasively communicate your firm's core values, and clearly demonstrate the knowledge, authority, and value you deliver to your clients.

Product & Service Launch

Develop clear and compelling client- and employee-centric messaging to differentiate and evangelize your solutions including success stories, ROI metrics, FAQs, product overviews and demos, and sales training.

Consulting Engagements

Build a lean, agile and sustainable marketing discipline to build consistent messaging that integrates sales, marketing, product development, and operations across channels.

Why Content Logic

Content Logic provides Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Employee (B2E) marketing support to professional service providers and smaller consulting organizations – particularly those involved in transformational technology-based services.

Content Logic brings more than twenty years of experience in:
•  Marketing Content Creation & Architecture
•  Product & Service Launch
•  Translating from Technical Specification to Business Value and back
•  Thought Leadership Writing
•  Effective & Sustainable B2B and B2E Marketing and Sales Strategy

Compelling content that is consistent across all channels, from top of the funnel to post-purchase engagement is foundational. It must not only be client-centric (B2B), but excite the professionals charged with leading market- and client-adoption of your products and services (B2E).

Get this wrong, and you are the proverbial tree falling in a forest with no one there to hear.

Services range from individual writing assignments (e.g., blog posts, web pages, articles, brochures, case studies, or assistance with an RFX response), to consulting engagements that help to better define and exploit your differentiators for more targeted and effective messaging and go-to-market strategy.

Don’t just raise your hand and say, “I’m here.” Lead. Frame the debate. Demonstrate unique value.

Content Logic.  Write what matters.™

Call or email us to discuss your requirements, engagement details and pricing structures.