Content Development

Craft concise texts to cogently communicate your firm's core values, and clearly demonstrate the knowledge, authority, and value, you deliver to your clients.

Content Architecture

Design text to create compelling layouts that lead the eye, and keeps readers engaged. Introduce design elements and data visualizations that support and credentialize the text.

Consulting Engagements

Build the vocabulary that defines your mission. Develop a content strategy using buyer personas and engagement models. Establish the lexicon that decodes the value of your services.

Why Content Logic

Content Logic recognizes that professionals, such as attorneys, eDiscovery consultants and others, often lack the time, necessary support (or both), to produce the needed content for marketing programs.  Marketing specialists and content writers often struggle with the recondite language associated with, for example, legal services, technology, and the concepts associated with BPO, LPO, eDiscovery, and legal operations.  Smaller firms often have only very limited content marketing and business development support, while larger firms often benefit from the flexibilities inherent to enlisting outside support on a project basis.

Importantly, Content Logic understands that licensed professionals such as members of the bar and CPAs for example, are authorities in the markets they serve, not simply "vendors."  Subject to regulatory constraint and ethical considerations, professionals who are market authorities cannot engage in simplistic marketing hyperbole.

Founded to provide professionals this needed support, Content Logic assist in the crafting of text and typographical design elements to cogently and persuasively communicate the value of your (often complex) services.  Our focus is always on the salient.  Forgoing rote marketing platitudes and hype, we work to craft language that communicates your knowledge, authority, and value.

Services range from individual writing assignments (for example blog posts, web pages, articles, brochures, case studies, or assistance with an RFx response), to consulting engagements that help to better define and exploit your differentiators for more targeted and effective market messaging.

All client relationships and work product are strictly confidential.

Content Logic.  Write what matters.™

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