Sales Enablement is where marketing can move beyond handoffs and silos and support sales in the crucial closing stages of the buyer's journey.


Do We have anything that talks about...?

This is the oft-repeated refrain of Business Development and other client-facing professionals looking to respond to a client request, create a leave-behind for tomorrow's meeting, prepare an RFP response, or refine a presentation.

All too often the answer is "no."

Content Needs Tailoring

Oh, there is usually something.  But it's not exactly on-point.  It doesn't speak to this client's specific challenges.  In this  client's vernacular.  The content doesn't need to be bespoke, but it does need to be tailored. 

Most marketing departments are not in a position to respond to these needs.  Their work horizon is longer term and the content is mostly aimed higher in the funnel.  This is why sales is a far more prolific creator of content than marketing.  The need for content that is authoritative and persuasive is rarely off-the-shelf.

The results are often less than ideal.

  • Style guidelines are ignored
  • Carefully chosen colors, fonts and other branding elements are lost
  • Distorted and pixelated resized photos and graphics make their way into presentations
  • Messaging becomes diffuse
  • Brand and message management and control are gone

In short, everything a marketing department works to achieve in creating a unique brand and voice can vanish at the point of sale.


Sales Enablement is Agile Content Marketing

This is content marketing that doesn't count click-throughs, site visits, and SEM metrics. This is marketing that counts

  • consideration rates
  • RFP opportunities
  • win rates, and
  • improved client relationships.

Content Logic offers on-demand content marketing to support client-facing professionals with tailored content.  When they need it, where they need it, in the format they need it.  Content that is based on the one "voice of customer" that matters – the current prospect.  Content Logic will ensure that all aspects of your brand and style guide are retained and turnaround sales enablement content such as RFP responses, tailored presentations, and product and services briefs quickly.

Enabling Sales

Content Logic sales enablement support can help bridge the silos and end the handoffs that have too long limited marketing effectiveness in the crucial final stages of the buyer's journey.  It restores marketing's relevance to sales tactics, strategy, and account-based management.  This is the tactical marketing that brings the 30,000ft strategy of brand and thought leadership to where the rubber meets the road.  It ensures that content is salient at every stage of the buyer's journey, and for every buyer persona and client profile.  It is on-point.

This is content logic.

Write what matters.™